Queen of Katwe Extended Response

We will use the next few classes to complete our extended response to the text, Queen of Katwe.

Keep in mind our Learning Targets and HOWLs Targets for this work:

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 7.01.09 AM.png

Here are the directions:

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 7.03.35 AM.png

Your work will be scored on the rubric that we went over together in class. Come see me if you need any help with this assignment.


We will be taking the ACCESS test soon. First, let’s talk about the test and reflect on our scores from the past.

Next, let’s focus in on the the listening test.

And now, we’ll focus in on the reading test.

An analysis of the speaking test is up next.

Finally, let’s think about the writing test, and complete a practice item.

When you are ready to practice on your own, you can try out sample items here (be sure that you are using Chrome rather than Safari).

Windsor 7 November 22 Classwork: Genre Study Video

We use the word genre to talk about books and movies. Today you will watch a video to think about some examples of movies from different genres. As you do, you will answer some questions.Your substitute teacher will give you the paper with questions. Then, click on this link to watch the video.

Before class is over, give your completed work to the teacher. Then, click this link to assess yourself on today’s HOWLs Target.